Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Crown Ess Bouquet by Crown Perfumery

An interesting lavender fragrance indeed. Ess bouquet derives from "Essence of Bouquet," a popular perfume genre at the end of the XXVIIIth Century up until the beginning of the XXth Century as citrict-floral cologne on top of an ambergris and orris base. During the Victorian age, sweet lavender and thyme were added in order to adjust to the tastes of "little old ladies" of whom we think when we think about Victorian perfumery. How does Ess Bouquet fit into this? Well, I would say at first blush, but to my nose, Crown Ess Bouquet is all about sweet lavender (not as sweet as say Caron PH or Gris Clair) with a grassy "new mown hay" flair. Ess is a simple scent that dries down to tonka, musk, orris, and vegetal musk (ambrette seed). Good quality, but strange and greatly out of place in today' s world.

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