Monday, June 24, 2013

Visit to PK Perfumes

Today, I visited Paul Kiler, founder of PK Perfumes at his quaint, but exhaustive studio nestled in the brush of southwestern Riverside County. One never imagines that such a curiosity would exist inside an average residential home. Upon first entering, I noticed shelves covered with long lost vintage perfumes and expensive, luxurious fragrance components.

We first decided to smell samples Mr. Kiler had personally chosen as well the samples I had brought. I provided samples of the Dukes of Pall Mall Belgravia, Iris Silver Mist, vintage Fougere Royale, Blue Carnation, Olivier EdT (vintage Creed), and Johann Marie Farina Eau de Cologne. We then proceeded to smell vintage Balmain Vent Vert, Guerlain Djedi (1924 vintage), Coty Bois de Muguet, Coty Chypre, vintage Caron pour un Homme, Mitsouko (1920s), and Creed Vintage Tabarome among other things. I noticed vintage Caron Homme was greatly superior to the current and in line with the stolid Caldey Island Lavender. These vintage perfumes were wonderful and a far cry from their current versions if they still exist.

Next, we moved on to my favorite part, smelling of ingredients. Mr. Kiler possesses a grand assemblage of the highest quality natural perfume ingredients available. We smelled orris butter, natural civet, tobacco absolute, hay absolute, Bulgarian Rose Otto, tonka bean, Spanish jasmine, and 90 year old sandalwood. All of these ingredients were stunningly beautiful and represent the best of natural perfumery.

Mr. Kiler’s fragrances, though largely unknown, are of excellent quality and cover a wide breadth of subject matter and are an exceedingly good value.

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